The Simple Gospel

Re-imagining Missions

Published on August 9th, 2021


The term “missions” is often described as a project, trip, or assignment with the singular goal of spreading the gospel. It is also commonly understood to require travel outside one’s town, state, or even nation. But what if Missions is more than that? What if the Lord is calling each of us to be “Mission-Minded” in our daily walk with Him? Read more…

A Vision in the Storm

Jesus, Our Captain

By Gail Hughes on February 28th, 2021


A Vision from Service on Sunday, February 28th 

During Worship on Sunday morning, I felt such a sweet spirit but at the same time sensed a heavy heart not only in myself but others in the church. It was during this time that I started seeing a vision. The first thing I saw was the inscription “Till the Storm Passes Over”. Read more…

God’s Perfect Timing

10 Years in the Making

By Olivia Johnson on November 10th, 2020


Let me begin by saying, God is AMAZING!

As I thought about this testimony, I struggled with what to entitle it and what to include. There were so many lessons God taught me throughout this process and all I can say is, I am happy that God is who He is. Read more…

Go Bigger

A Place for Children

By Amanda Talalaj on December 9th, 2019

                As we approach the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, it is often a time of joy and reflection. During this season, my family spends our time decorating, crafting, and enjoying lots of food with our extended family. Read more…

Is there not a Cause?

Calling the Church to Arise

By Daniella Bivona on November 25th, 2019


“Is there not a Cause” 1 Samuel 17:29

“Is there not a cause” says the Spirit of the Lord to me at New Vision Church in Englewood Florida. Read more…

Seasons Change

What Season Are You In?

By Donna Celiano on September 26th, 2019


What Season is THIS?

     I really didn’t know there were spiritual seasons that we, as God’s children, go through until many, many years after I became a Christ follower.  I tell you now, that I sure am thankful for seasons because I know that the difficult and trying ones will at least come to an end at some point – right?