A Vision in the Storm

Jesus, Our Captain

By Gail Hughes on February 28th, 2021


A Vision from Service on Sunday, February 28th 

During Worship on Sunday morning, I felt such a sweet spirit but at the same time sensed a heavy heart not only in myself but others in the church. It was during this time that I started seeing a vision. The first thing I saw was the inscription “Till the Storm Passes Over”. I instantly related to this because that is the title of a story that I had written about my journey through my diagnosis of Colon Cancer in 1995.

Then I saw myself in a boat just me and the Captain at the helm. As I looked around, I saw high waves, dark clouds, and lightning all around the waves. Then I took my eyes off the storm and looked at the Captain. He turned and looked at me and I saw that it was Jesus. I looked around and it was no longer me in the boat but my family, my friends and the church that filled the boat. Then I heard the Captain (Jesus) say, “do not worry, I will take you through the storm to the other side”.

I felt I was being shown that Jesus would take care of me through my own personal storm, but He would also carry the Church through the storm and bring us OUT into the other side. I feel the storm is what the world is experiencing not just me, not just my friends, not just my church, not just my Country but all of humanity. Our only hope is in Jesus alone, for we cannot do anything to change our circumstances. But just as Peter began to sink when he saw the storm and the waves as he took his eyes off Jesus, we too must keep our eyes on Jesus and know He is the calm in the midst of the “storm.”

We may have rocky times ahead of us, but God will keep us and carry us through what is raging around us as long as we keep our eyes on Him. After this I felt such a peace and calm instead of the turmoil that I had been feeling. As I share this vision with all of you, I pray that you will be encouraged and take the same peace from knowing Who is really in charge, and Who holds us steady even when the winds are howling, and the waves are crashing. Place your faith in Christ, and anchor yourself to His hope. He WILL see us through. Hallelujah!


Blessings to all my church family & friends,

Gail M Hughes

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