God’s Perfect Timing

10 Years in the Making

By Olivia Johnson on November 10th, 2020


Let me begin by saying, God is AMAZING!

As I thought about this testimony, I struggled with what to entitle it and what to include. There were so many lessons God taught me throughout this process and all I can say is, I am happy that God is who He is. He is a great teacher. He is a God of Lessons. He is the God of blessings, and He is the God of perfect timing!


Ten years ago… yes, that’s right, 10 years ago, God laid something on my heart. He wanted me to help people and inspired me with the idea of creating a way to engage a community of people who would be willing to help others as they experience tough times. God’s strategy included seeking out the people who “have,” and create ways for them to help those who do not have. At that time, there were various things going on in my life so for whatever reason, this idea was put on the back burner and nothing became of it.


Fast forward nine years later, during a time of personal prayer, I felt the push of the Holy Spirit to give. Just randomly give. God would send people my way. Some I had never met before and some I already knew but never really had deep conversations with. They would share their challenges or situations with me, and I would hear the voice of God saying, “Give! Give! Give!” Believe me when I tell you that the human side of me questioned God several times and I would “pray on it” or hesitate before finally being obedient and giving as God instructed. At times I had to repent, but after the first few times, it became more than evident what God wanted me to do and why. That God wanted to use me, and others, to make sure that His people, those who faithfully walk with Him don’t go without. That those who needed a renewed faith received confirmation of His presence and that those who didn’t know Him, needed to hear His name.


This season of random giving continued for some time before God revealed a greater purpose. Questions began to flow. What if there are others who are willing to give? What if I got other people to join me in giving? Why was God connecting me to so many who were in need? Why did they feel so free to share their troubles with me? That was my “light bulb” moment where God gave me the idea to appeal to the hearts of people who had in abundance, to share with those who were going through challenging times.


We would come together to help people see the inequity that we live in, where someone could wait in long lines to spend hundreds on shoes and cell phones, while there are children without food, and that it’s not just confined to a commercial showing children that are far far away, but right here, in our country, in our communities, down the street or around the corner from our homes. It was then that God gave me the strategy to start a non-profit organization doing just that. This organization’s sole purpose would be to form a community of “people who help people.” Ultimately, this ministry would be used to show others that God does indeed hear their prayers, that He is a refuge and strength in times of trouble and I strongly believe it would provide opportunities for planting seeds of faith.


A week or so after this idea was birthed in my heart, God instructed me to permanently move the remainder of my belongings to the location where I knew God was calling me to live. I was in prayer that morning when I heard God say, “Everything you find today is going to be important!” I had no idea what that meant but then I began to sort through a few forgotten boxes that were stored away. I found so many things…an old diary from when I was around ten years old, that I didn’t even know I had. I found old pictures of friends and family that brought back happy memories. I found my spare car key that had been missing and just recently the original had been broken and I was just a day or so away from needing to replace, at a cost much more than I wanted to pay to replace it. I also found an old USB thumb drive.


I put the thumb drive into my computer to see what files were saved on it and found one containing information about a non-profit. A non-profit that would help people, help other people. I could not believe it. Here I was thinking this was a new idea, but it was God resurrecting the idea He laid on my heart 10 years prior. This file included a mission statement, business plan, even a logo, everything you could think of to get the organization started was in this file that was originally created back in 2010.


This time I was not going to let it escape me. I recall crying out to God. I cried and cried and thanked Him for giving this opportunity back to me again. I didn’t feel worthy and asked Him…why? Why would you trust me with this again after I failed the first time? I heard an immediate response, “Because this time you have ME!”


Throughout my life, I have always believed in God, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. However, there were times when I allowed work, my career and money to drive my decisions instead of God. I had the impression that I was in the driver’s seat and God was supposed to be a supportive passenger who would be my power, strength and the driving force behind whatever it was I decided I wanted to do with my life. I lived according to my own plans and desires and not the will of God. Soon, I found myself in a place where I was unhappy even though I was surrounded by money and success. Through the grace of God, I have since re-dedicated my life to Christ and given Him the steering wheel.


So now, here I am, ten years later, and God was giving it all back to me or should I say, He was continuing what He started. He downloaded everything that I would need. I was awake for hours, even into the next morning, just writing in my journal. At times, I wrote so fast that I didn’t even know what I was writing. Even as I finished, I had to stop to read and understand everything I had written.


God shared everything, from the mission, to the budget, to even naming the specific people He wanted surrounding me as I moved forward. I read and re-read some of these things and I still questioned God, (I know…the flesh). But, this time, I began to work the plan even though I had questions that were unanswered. This time, I did not allow it to stop me from moving forward.

I still could not comprehend how this was going to work, but then the COVID19 pandemic hit. A devastating time and yet, everything began to make sense. God knew that people were going to be desperately in need and I saw how and why this organization He planted in me was necessary “for such a time as this”.


The non-profit has since been launched! It has a stronger foundation than I could have ever imagined, a God-filled Board of Directors, specific goals that He wants accomplished AND most importantly, we have already begun helping people in need.


God wanted me to share this testimony for this very reason: There are times when we don’t understand His timing and we think that we missed the mark, missed a window or missed out on a blessing. I am here to let you know that what is meant for you is for you and He will make happen through you. All, of our experiences, whether good or bad in our eyes, are being used to make His plan happen. We don’t know what that is, but we have to truly trust in Him and lean not on our own understanding or live by our own will.


 I had a friend recently share a quote with me that I thought was perfect for this, “the delay that you feel is not a punishment but a preparation” and I would add… “and God’s perfect timing”. Just follow His lead, even when it seems like you are going against the norm or going against the grain. His plan prevails! He answers prayers! And He gives you the desires of your heart! Even if it is 10 years later!!!


God Bless,

Olivia Johnson


If you or someone you know is in need or to learn more about our organization, please feel free to contact us at PWHPinc@gmail.com. To make a donation: GoFundMe Link: https://gf.me/u/yp74ht

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