My Story So Far

The God Who Answers Prayers

By Greta Grammer on February 28th, 2018

      The most famous geyser in Yellowstone national park is called, “Old Faithful.” Given its name in the 1870’s by a couple who noticed that they could count on the geyser to erupt every day around a similar time, this natural phenomenon is a wonderful illustration of the God we serve, the Creator of this quirky creation. To all those who wait, the Old Faithful geyser is a joy to be seen. In the same way we know that through every season, we have hope. If we wait patiently on God, He will come to us and meet our needs. He is the God who answers prayers. Greta Grammer has cried out to God through several of her life’s storms, and each time she was met by the One who is called “Faithful and True” (Revelation 19:11).

Hi everyone, my name is Greta. My whole life I have been in and out of church. I have read my bible and not read my bible, I have prayed on a regular basis and not prayed. No matter what stage of life I was in I have always believed and had faith that God would take care of me and my family. I have made many bad decisions and lived the way I knew I shouldn’t, but still believed. I went through a patch in my life where I was pregnant outside of marriage, got married, got divorced and became a single mother, and then both of my parents got very sick. All within a four-year time span. My dad had to have triple bypass heart surgery and almost did not live. He could not breathe on his own after his surgery.

By the grace of God and through many people’s prayers, God gave my dad the breath he needed to heal properly.  Six months later my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 bilateral breast cancer. It is a very numbing, angry, sad, and fearful journey to go on with a loved one. Again, by God’s grace and many people’s prayers my mother was healed. Going through two major illnesses within one year cripples a family’s finances and somewhat their family. We lost everything, my mom’s job, our home, and our peace and security of living in the world of a healthy household.

My family was all going through their own journeys of trying to cope with what had just happened in our life, though we were not doing a good job of it. I moved in with my parents after I got divorced, with the intentions that when I figured out how to live as a single parent financially, I would move out. I believe that God had me move in to help my family with this difficult time that came about. I helped, but not as good as I should because I was battling depression from my failed marriage.

Fast forward about nine years later, and things had not really gotten any better. My family was still struggling financially from the sickness my parents endured, and my family still fought and had trouble getting along. We love each other and are very close, but we still had lots of built up feelings that were expressed negatively toward each other sometimes. I was working at a Walgreens about thirty minutes away from the house at this time and would cry almost every day going to work or coming home from work because I was so unhappy in my life.

After like ten years I still lived with my parents and was still no closer to moving out on my own, as I was when I first moved in with my parents. I no longer had my own car, was in debt, hated my job, was depressed, fought with my mom all the time, and felt horrible about myself. I would pray to God for change. Somehow, I knew that this could not be all there was to life and that something had to change, because I could not do this anymore. God heard my prayers! After talking to my sister Lizzy, I felt God was calling me to move to Florida. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this or how I was going to mentally be able to do this, because not only did it mean packing up and leaving everything I knew behind, but I would also be leaving my daughter behind since she had chosen to move in with her father and not accompany me to Florida.

This was something I had to pray about tremendously because my daughter has always been with me and the thought of her not being with me broke me. God again answered my prayers and gave me peace, and made the way for me to move to Florida. So, in July of 2017 I became a Floridian and had no clue what to expect. I started attending church with my sister Lizzy on a regular basis as work would allow. I have gotten closer to God than I ever have, and I love it. I had been praying to God for a car and in January of 2018, He blessed me with a car through the church. You wanna talk about a shocker, I could barely talk, was crying like a baby, and my heart was pounding. I could not believe God had blessed me with such a gift!

Since I have moved to Florida I have found a church I love, started going through deliverance, have a better relationship with God than I ever have and am happy. I miss my family, friends, and daughter, but I think God has spared me from feeling the true sadness of it because it has been an unbelievably easy transfer from Tennessee to Florida. Nowadays I am working on getting closer to God and fixing my life to the way God had intended for it to be before I decided to do my own thing. I am happier now and feel like an onion. Like layers are being peeled back so that eventually a completely new, God loving, God fearing, warrior will be revealed. God is amazing, and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for my life next.


Thanks for reading my story so far,