Seasons Change

What Season Are You In?

By Donna Celiano on September 26th, 2019


What Season is THIS?

     I really didn’t know there were spiritual seasons that we, as God’s children, go through until many, many years after I became a Christ follower.  I tell you now, that I sure am thankful for seasons because I know that the difficult and trying ones will at least come to an end at some point – right?      
Perhaps you’d like to inquire of the Lord, just as I did the other day, what season you’re in at this time in your life. Now there I was sitting at my cozy kitchen table chatting with God, when I came right out and inquired of our Heavenly Father what season I was in.  I heard His loving reply in my spirit,  “You’re in a waiting season.”  I said back to Abba, “Aha! I thought so.” And then within the next day or two, Holy Spirit confirmed this waiting season two more times; I love when He does that!   
This is how He did it … I was perusing one of my journals while listening to praise and worship music, and at the very same time I was reading a particular entry about ‘waiting on God’, the song, Take Courage, by Kristene DiMarco came on! Go ahead, listen to it for yourself. You’ll be so thankful you did.  I absolutely love this song; it’s such an encouraging, truthful, and uplifting worship song!   
I began pondering who, in God’s Word, went through a waiting period. Well lo and behold, here’s a short list I ran through my mind right then and there. Adam had to wait for food after he and Eve were told to leave the garden due to their sin, for he had to now till the land in order to eat. Noah had to really wait quite a long time I must say, but stayed busy and steadfast as he obeyed God and built the ark for when the day the rains finally came.  We all know Abraham and Sarah having to wait for their son, Isaac, and the particular choice they made while waiting. My goodness, I sure cannot complain, what about Moses and the Israelites wondering and waiting 40 years in a desert no less, for their promised land. Let me tell you, I surely want to learn a lesson from this historical event.    
There are many more Old Testament examples of men and women who went through a waiting season, like Joseph, whose waiting took about 14 years until the fulfillment of his dream came to pass. And remember, he remained faithful throughout his time period.  David, who was anointed king as a teenager, but his waiting to be king took about 15 years.  And how about Esther, who went through many purification processes while waiting to even have one night with the king, and then how she waited upon God as He strategically showed her, step by step, how He was going to save His Jewish people through her and Mordecai.   
Consider Jonah in the belly of a huge fish for 3 days and 3 nights. Now that waiting seems like a breeze compared with the others, but no way would I want to wait under those circumstances, nor through the horrendous situations Jeremiah went through. Much of his waiting season, which was about 36 years, was in prisons, pits, and being held captive for his obedience to proclaim God’s word, yet he only got to see the Jewish people being carried away from their country as prisoners.  We all know about Job and all the pain and devastation he endured, yet even though he was doubly blessed, that didn’t happen overnight.     
Now here are some of the New Testament brethren whom I thought about that also were in God appointed waiting seasons. The apostles and women who were waiting in the upper room for the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit, and how they continually waited upon God, on a regular basis, in prayer, fasting, and fellowshiping in order to hear God’s plans on when and where to go.  And in reality, we as born-again, followers of Christ Jesus are in a continual waiting period on a daily basis for His soon return.     
So, what shall we be doing while waiting? That’s what God and I have been discussing, and as I read His Word, He’s already told us.  For all the scriptural examples I’ve mentioned here, and there are more, of course, but as we look into each one of the circumstances surrounding their particular waiting time for God to get things ready, if you will, these waiting moments were opportunities for theirs and our own personal spiritual growth, as well as a time to grow deeper in relationship with God Himself.   
In conclusion, let’s look to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. {Hebrews 12:2} He’s the One we need to keep our focus on, moment by moment, allowing His Holy Spirit to teach and guide us into all truth, with His love and depth of insight. {Isaiah 26:3; John 16:13; Phil. 1:9} Jesus talked and walked with our Father all the time; we should, too. Jesus went off by Himself to pray; we should, too.  Jesus surrendered His will and life to Father God all the time; we should, too.    
I am waiting for the fulfillment of ALL the wonderful plans God is arranging, performing, and getting ready for His glory and my good.  I am raising my voice in worship and praise on a regular, daily basis to our Father, Jesus our Savior, and Holy Spirit my Teacher, Counselor, and Guide, glorifying Him in all I think, and do, and say. And even more so in the WAITNG!  
His Blessings Are Ours ~ Donna Celiano     

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