God is With Me

I Dwell With Thee

By Lara Mayberry August 15th, 2019

                   The Word declares that God is with us, but how often do we take His presence for granted? No matter where the paths of our lives have taken us, or even where our journeys will end up, all along the way Jesus has been there. When we go astray in our hearts, our minds, or even in our faith, His faithful nature keeps us within reach of His gentle mercy and steadfast grace. In troubled times and fearful hardships, we can turn away from our brokenness and into the arms of Jesus. Arms that stand open and ready to embrace us. Below is Lara’s story that reveals the abiding Presence of love that became real when she gave her life to God.
  “Content”  By Madame Guyon

My Lord, how full of sweet content,

I pass my years of banishment!

Where’er I dwell, I dwell with Thee,

In heav’n, in earth, or on the sea;

Where’er I dwell, I dwell with Thee,

In heav’n, in earth, or on the sea. 

On April 12, 1990, I began my walk with God in a small church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, by the name of Silver Springs Baptist Church. I cried out tears of repentance as my pastor led me through the Sinner’s Prayer. Soon after, I was baptized, but I didn’t stay at that church for long. 
Still God walked with me. 
In 1994, I moved to Englewood, Florida with my mother because my grandparents lived here as snowbirds. I was invited to church in the very same building Living Hope is in now, but back then it was a church called Suncoast. Throughout the years, off and on I attended services there and served on the choir. 
Fast forward to 2017. I felt called to join a church and after attending a couple of others, rested upon Living Hope as my church home. Once again, I was in the church where I saw many miracles happen. When I came to see Valora Bock speak, because I’ve known her for many years before, I felt struck with the feeling that this is where I am supposed to be. 
God continued to walk with me and bring me back home to walk beside HIM!
I now serve on the worship team, because I am a worshiper at heart and I know there is so much more in my future. I can say that Jesus never once left my side and kept me out of some very bad situations and used me to share the gospel with many of those people who were in my life at the time. 
I have been set free from depression, anxiety, fear, and many physical issues that were with me when I walked through that church door. I have been delivered, and I now am a new person in Christ! I know I am called to serve and also am working on a degree in Ministry to be a Pastor. I feel led to the youth ministry, with a heart that God has given me for the next generation. I am excited for what God is doing for me and Living Hope Church. 
God is with me, and He can be with you too if you accept him as your Lord and Savior. 
He doesn’t ask for perfection, because if that were so, I’d never have stood a chance! So, come and experience the grace and mercy and healing that only He can give from residing in His love. He IS Love. He is Hope. He is Emmanuel; God with us!
In Grace and Peace,
Lara Mayberry

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