Here at Living Hope  we gather together for the glory of God. We truly believe in walking together as a "family" and as the body of Christ. 


Our church is not a place for spectators, but team members. Every service and ministry seeks to encourage, equip, strengthen, and challenge all who attend.


As the hands and feet of Jesus, we represent the love of the Good Father to others. With weekly and monthly opportunities we desire to minister to the least of these. 


Local and Global Missions are not only the call of the church, but are also the heart of God. Join us in spreading the good news of a living hope in Jesus!
As part of the Englewood, FL community we believe in the calling of local and global missions. Therefore, we make it our purpose to be witnesses to the those outside of the church by planning outreaches and offering supportive ministries. With our service we strive to be life, hope, and love to those who have need.