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A Story of Letting Go and Letting God

The call to say “Yes”

By Alizabeth Massing on October 5th, 2016


God calls to us and we answer, but sometimes our answer isn’t right away the one He’s looking for. Even though God always has good things in store for our lives we can be hesitant to walk in the way He has called us. Ultimately we must come to the realization that obedience is best, and surrendering our all leads us straight into the Father’s open arms of freedom. Alizabeth Massing knows this personally, here is her testimony…


Prayer Requests

We as a church believe in prayer. Living Hope Church has a group of people who watch this prayer wall and pray specifically for each request. You can post your prayer below and pray for other requests too. You can also choose if you want your request posted on this wall or click here to just send it to us privately.  Feel free to call 460-8506 to reach our church office.